Advanced Ayurveda

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Because we believe that all ingredients resonate in a synergistic manner to give you the desired cure for a particular ailment or disease. We do not compromise on any single ingredients.

Bhasmas are biologically produced nanoparticles. Contrary to popular belief, bhasmas are non-toxic, easily absorbable, adaptable and digestible in the body. They act as Yogavahis (ability as a drug carrier or targeted drug delivery). Most of our products have bhasmas. We purify bhasmas according to the procedures mentioned in the Rasa Shastra (Vedic Chemistry).

Blending science and tradition has always been synonymous with Jammi Pharmaceuticals. We have harmonized methodologies of Western science with traditional Ayurvedic formulations handed down to us by our forefathers. All our medicines are carefully formulated, processed and tested in a very science manner. Many of our products are comprehensive blends of many herbs, whole roots and bhasmas.

From the moment, our raw materials enter our factory until the finished product leaves the premises they are subjected to rigorous scientific testing by our quality control experts. We ensure that only products of high quality leave our factory. All the products are scientifically tested for:

  • Disintegration studies

  • Uniformity in weight, blends and size &

  • Friability