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Our Story - Dr. Jammi Venkataramanayya hailed from a family of Ayurvedic scholars. He had no formal classroom education or any advanced degree in Ayurveda, except for a brief stint with an Ayurvedic scholar Vadlamani Suryanarayana Shastri and knowledge picked up from his uncle. He was a Sanskrit Scholar of high repute and with a strong desire and passion for serving people. He started his practice way back in 1900 at Vijaynagaram, Andhra Pradesh.

In 1927 Dr. T.S. Tirumurthy, the principal of Stanley Medical College, Madras invited him to Madras to help cure a very serious case of childhood cirrhosis. The patient was the son of a very prominent industrialist. The boy was in a critical condition and most allopathic doctors had lost hope for the boy. Dr. Jammi’s Ayurvedic preparations and treatments proved to be highly successful and saved the boy’s life. After this incident, he treated many more patients with similar conditions and gained wide recognition. In 1928 he decided to move to Madras and start his practice. During his stay in Madras, he developed several Ayurvedic formulations based on his 28 years of Ayurvedic experience to treat many children’s diseases. After settling down he set up his pharmaceutical unit on Brodies Road where he standardized his medicines.

Over the years he opened many more branches in Calcutta, Bangalore, Delhi, Bombay, Nagpur and Lucknow. Consultation clinics were also started in many districts in Tamil Nadu. He, along with his sons, used to travel to remote places and organize camps to dispense Jammi’s Livercure. Handwritten records of every individual case were maintained. As the demand for his products and formulations increased he opened a factory at Arcot road, Chennai with a state of the art machinery imported for manufacturing medicines in the tablet form. He later moved his head office to Jammi Buildings at Royapettah High Road, Chennai as it is today.

Jammi Pharmaceuticals has changed as per contemporary norms and technology since his death in 1939. However, his values, attention to detail and his formulations with strict adherence to processes are still followed and implemented. A lot of new medicines based on his research and findings have been added to existing range of products. His spirit to provide “Absolute Wellness” to one and all, is the cornerstone of Jammi’s corporate philosophy.

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